My name is Micah Sherman. I’m a comedian.

You might’ve seen me in a onscreen or your computer. Or you might’ve seen me live onstage somewhere. Or maybe you just heard my voice on a thing one time.

Click around my website and get and know me a little better.

Here I am in a commercial with Neil Patrick Harris.

My musical comedy partner, Myq Kaplan, and I have a FREE mixtape to download: The Micah Myq Mega Mixtape

If you like this, you’ll love our album, Please Be Seated. It’s for sale.

I improvise every Saturday night at 8pm with The Baldwins at The People’s Improv Theater in New York.

I also co-created the improvised one-act play shows The Scene & Act One as well as the weekly People Improvising and the monthly Old School Sketch Comedy Show at the PIT.

Totally come see me live sometime.

In the past I performed in The Second City theatricals in Atlanta, Boston, Denver and Cincinnati and was a MainStage cast-member at Improv Asylum in Boston. I studied improvisation at the iO, Annoyance and Second City theaters in Chicago. I started my career with the Chapel Hill High School Improv Company in North Carolina and am a graduate of The University of Georgia in Athens where I studied television production and film history.

Peruse my comedy skits.

Preview my music comedy album, Please Be Seated, on iTunes.

Preview my sketch comedy album, Lampshades & Ottomans, on iTunes.