My name is Micah Sherman. I’m a comedian and an actor. A professional dork really.

A new episode of High Maintenance that I’m in called Sufjan is available on February 5, 2015. See me in the trailer.

People Who Post Spoilers

I’m in this sketch from Above Average that was featured in Entertainment Weekly.

Evolution of Dance in a Lifetime

I directed this one.

Live Shows

I improvise live every Saturday night at 8pm with The Baldwins at The People’s Improv Theater in New York.

I also co-created the improvised one-act play shows The Scene & Act One as well as the weekly People Improvising and the monthly Old School Sketch Show at the PIT.

The Micah Myq Mega Mixtape

My musical comedy partner, Myq Kaplan, and I have a FREE mixtape to download.

If you like this, you’ll love our album, Please Be Seated. It’s for sale.

Peruse my comedy skits.

Preview my music comedy album, Please Be Seated, on iTunes.

Preview my sketch comedy album, Lampshades & Ottomans, on iTunes.