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Alt Com! The Alternative Comedy Festival Tour: A trio of Red Sox venture south, molest-aches intact
By Stratton Lawrence
January 20, 2010

In a place as cold as Boston, it’s good to find some humor on a dreary day. But it’s also no wonder that the three comedians of Alt Com!, each regular performers at Somerville, Massachusetts’ renowned comedy festival, would jump at the chance to fly south and spend a weekend in Charleston. With a Comedy Central special and a major Hollywood role among their accomplishments, this trio is poised for stardom, but for all three, it’s their first visit to the Holy City. They’re old friends, so expect a bit of solo work from each before they join together in spirited song (and dance?).

Micah Sherman

The real money in comedy, as Micah Sherman will tell you, is in endorsements. And the beauty of Sherman’s gig? He doesn’t have to wear his TD Banknorth or Amtrak hat when he’s up on stage. Sherman just dons a giant bread costume (with interchangeable Velcro sub-fillings) and pals around for a day with stars like the Red Sox’ David Ortiz.

As a “mascot” for D’Angelo’s Subs, Sherman did just that. For a Reebok lacrosse gear commercial, he improvised a scenario about cutting the first knuckle off a buddy’s pinky, which soon leads to chicken wings being thrown across the room (Reebok used it). And for Dunkin’ Donuts, he dons a mustache and demonstrates the latest dance crazes among middle-aged men.

“I actually auditioned with a mustache because I was playing a child molester in a play, but I had to shave it because the (play) director was like, ‘That’s actually a little bit too much of a molest-ache,'” recalls Sherman. “Then they called me in for the commercial and said, ‘What happened to that mustache? That thing was terrific. That’s why we cast you.’ So they gave me a fake mustache.”

Sherman’s also an actor, appearing as Matthew McConaughey’s best man in last year’sGhosts of Girlfriends Past and has a significant role in the upcoming rom-com, The Heartbreaker.

The native of Chapel Hill and University of Georgia grad has made his name in Chicago, New York, and Boston without ever performing in Charleston. But maybe while he’s here he can pick up a Firefly Vodka endorsement.

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