Please Be Seated


Please Be Seated by Myq Kaplan & Micah Sherman

61 minutes of cerebral, goofy, poignant, irreverent, exuberant, folksy, ridiculous, wordful, improvisational, fun musical comedy with expressive harmonies and good times for listeners.


  1. Comedians’ National Anthem
  2. We’re Schnifflong
  3. We’re Different (You Say Trouser Snake, I Say Schlong)
  4. Inonic
  5. Jokes of Girlfriends Past
  6. Movie Star
  7. What Kinda Jerk Do You Wanna Be?
  8. Loss, Metaphorically
  9. Bad Idea
  10. Dr. Song Song
  11. Leaving the Stage
  12. Bop 25
  13. Caveman Mousetrap
  14. Loss, Acapellically
  15. Robobot (Bonus Track)
  16. Pudding Timpani (Bonus Track)
  17. What Kinda Jerk Keeps Messing Up a Song? (Bonus Track)
  18. Naming Show Bro (Bonus Track)
  19. We’re Fun (Bonus Track)
  20. Werewolf Bike
  21. Micah’s Dead

Please Be Seated was recorded live in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Gabe Herman & Sam Kusnetz, recorded in studio in West Hartford, Connecticut by Gabe Herman, mixed and mastered by Gabe Herman and co-produced by Jason Riggs & BSeenMedia.